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Why I think it will work

In the time that it takes for me to write this post,  the economic paradigm will shift ten times.   What is more disconcerting is the rate of change.   What was an acceleration of a power of 2 today will be an acceleration of the power of 3 tomorrow, and so on.   As the rate of acceleration accelerates,  the breakdown point approaches faster and faster.    OK, then just turn the wheel.   problem is that its not you approaching the wall,  its the walls closing in around you.  Kinda like Luke Skywalker in the Deathstar trash compactor.   That’s if you continue to buy into the various economic theoretical extrapolations.  Listen to the media and the talking heads and you will hear the supposition, “maybe free markets don’t work so well.”

My theory is simple.  People will always need the basics-food, clothing and shelter.  They’ll even sacrifice security for them.  Meet those needs, and there will always be a market.



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