Pdwoodbutchers' Portable Sawmill Service in South Carolina


Making better lumber, teaching basic value

Business for a portable saw mill

How does one drive business to a portable saw mill?  Back in the 90’s, a book came out called Guerilla Marketing.  It focused on marketing on a shoestring, with a dash of excellent customer service.  Basically it recognized and advocated ” word of mouth” as the most effective way.  So that’s what we plan to do.  We also study the blogs of those who are currently in the portable saw mill business,  looking for tips.  A good one  was posting bulletin board cards in hunting and fishing stores.   Another focused on being your own best customer by building things from the lumber you cut.   It seems that people are more willing to give away the trees than to pay to have them milled into lumber.   Knowing that trees have value,  some people want to sell a couple of trees.   What the market has lacked is  an outlet for those people.  We’ll see.


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  1. Tom says:

    Came upon your website through logosol. Enjoyed reading it and just wanted to say thanks for your input to making lumber from trees.

    I find hard wood trees and cut them into lumber and make things for others and myself. Love the free wood.

    Thanks again


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