Pdwoodbutchers' Portable Sawmill Service in South Carolina


Making better lumber, teaching basic value

Making better lumber, teaching basic value

Pee Dee Woodbutchers began with the dream of building  a small cabin on Lake Norris in Tennessee.  Hoping to build it from the trees available on the property, my two sons and I needed to learn how to mill trees into lumber.  We started with an Alaskan saw mill.   After bartering for some local pine trees,  we taught ourselves  how to mill rough timbers.  Because I always think I can come up with a better way to do things,  I experimented and tinkered to build jigs to cut lumber faster.   After many hours and tinkerings, I concluded that the best way to speed up production would be the buy a real mill. Well, real mills aren’t cheap, so it needed to make money.  Pee Dee Woodbutchers was born.

Here’s how it works.  Allan is 14 and Hixon is 12.  Society continues to give them a one sided education.   Like so many of their contemporaries,  they clearly understand consumption.  What they do not understand is production.  How to make something.  How to earn something.  The “village” around them patronizes them by underestimating their value and employing them with menial tasks.  Babysitting, yard cutting, mail gathering serve only to put spending money in their pockets.  In turn, this fuels their consumption, with no other benefit.

Pee Dee Woodbutchers exists to teach them the production side.  The basic values in production are:

Make a good product.
Meet a need.
Plan your work.
Work hard.
Don’t goof off.
Work smart.
Maintain integrity.
Earn a profit.  Even if just a penny.


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