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Going Public (the old fashioned way)

Recently a diverse group of people sat around a conference table:
Two veterinarians
a pharmaceutical rep
a private high school teacher
a homemaker
a librarian
and me

The basic theme tracked along the disconnect between our leadership, the media and the rest of the country. With all the ballyhooed green shoots of recovery, Lowes and Walmart are empty. On Saturday. The struggling majority do not believe that government can fix the problems of the economy and healthcare. This is not based on political slant, but on observation of behavior. Government performance in the area improving the situation is abysmal. People know this.

Since the government will only make the situation worse, this diverse group concurs that the coming times will not get better. They will get tougher. Your fault, my fault, the government’s fault, nobodys fault. In the near future, times will challenge us to think in different ways. We will jettison old paradigms and must assimilate newer, grittier realities. The kinder, gentler nation is gone.

In the midst of this shared reality, I shared my vision. A simple vision. I will strive to produce something of a basic simple value. Nothing derived or hyped or turbo marketed. No discussions about perceived value. Simple value addition. It was “x”, I added my effort and now its worth more. Just something of basic value. Not to get rich and definitely not to contribute to a 401k. As I do this myself, I will pass it on to my sons.

This past Saturday, my oldest son worked me like a dog. We ran the sawmill from 8am to 530pm. No breaks. Nothing but Lance peanut butter crackers and water. We took abandoned logs and turned them into lumber. As young Allan ran the mill, the farm owner/carpenter and I shouted over the motor. He marveled that a 14 year old boy would work for 8 hours non stop. You see, he knows the generation that’s chained to a game console or a computer. As a producer of goods he can’t mesh the worlds need for production with hours and hours and hours spent in a fantasy world. He can see what will happen when circumstances turn off the console or computer. The generation will have nothing of value to offer. No skill, No ethic, nada. They will bitch and moan and run home. They will apply for jobs, but no one will hire them.
Honestly though, its really not their fault. No one taught them otherwise. Everyone and everything around them sought to validate them, not educate them.

I hope and I pray that my sons will have the most important thing to offer. They will know how to produce, how to contribute and how to build. That’s the basic value.

God Bless



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