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Taking my own advice

I am always amazed at the cycles in life. Obviously, the longer one stays on this earth, the more trips around the sun and more time for the cycles to repeat themselves. One of my favorite cycles is the one that wisdom always comes home to roost.

For many years, I made my way by sharing with people my advice on a broad variety of things. Once I shared with a friend and client some good advice. People are at their best when they are focused. Nothing yields more mediocre results than the undefined mission. Decide what you want to do, then focus on it. In the previous case it involved why did their business exist. Was it a mission field or was it a business? Both are valid, but one must choose the prime motivation.

Pee Dee Woodbutchers emerged as a teaching tool for me to share some essential skills with my sons. It also encapsulated the germ of a viable business. So I started planning to grow a business. The most important initial step of an emerging business is getting the word out. Since the Internet is broad and free, I delved into the various channels of communicating about our business. Blog, Craigslist, website—check, check, check.

The word got out. I was most pleased with the response from Craigslist. A very simple ad returned some very solid leads. Leads generated orders and orders generated revenue. How simple! And free! I am a born tinkerer, so I wanted to tinker with the mix. I learned to read a little. Everything pointed to linking the website with the Craigslist ad. More information and more ways to communicate are available thru the website. So my three leads with Craigslist alone would be multiplied by the power of the website.

Here’s the bad news. Lots of hits, but no leads. What went wrong? The website went wrong by getting out the wrong message. Because the website had become a soapbox for my business philosophy. People went to the website looking for a value, but that’s not what they got.

I’ve started trimming and focusing the website to make it about the value of harvesting trees. That’s what people expect. That’s what I must provide thru the website. Besides blogs are for soapboxing. so that’s where the philosophy will come out.

Merry Christmas


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